Bible Major

Every student at Baptist College of Ministry is enrolled as a Bible Major.  In this program, students participate in core classes that develop a strong doctrinal foundation for their ministry, as well as courses dealing with the practical aspects of the Christian life, such as prayer, evangelism, and personal Bible study.  

Pastoral Leadership

The Pastoral Leadership minor is designed to fully equip men to lead their church into corporate revival and victorious Great Commission ministry.

Evangelistic Ministries

The Evangelism Leadership minor gives young men the heartbeat behind local church ministry and the role of the evangelist in ministries world-wide by classes that instill revival truths as well as hands-on "in the trenches" training.

Elementary Education

The Elementary Education minor is designed to prepare young ladies to effectively teach on the elementary level in the church, school, and home settings, transferring practical revival living to the next generation.


The Missions Leadership minor prepares young people for a life of service in the harvest fields of the world through linguistics, discipleship, and missionary skills training.

Music Degree

The Music major and minor degrees are designed to bring each student to a high level of musical proficiency so that they can lead, teach or write music while transferring life skills to the next generation.

Secondary Education

The Secondary Education minor and major will equip young men for leadership in educational ministry and equip young ladies for discipleship ministry while developing the particular pedagogical skills necessary for teaching at the middle-school and secondary levels.