Thou Art My God


Falls Baptist Church is pleased to announce the release of our first Children's CD!  When children experience the reality of Christ in their early years, they will long for His presence all of their lives.  We believe that training in music is one of the best ways to help our young people develop a passion for the things of the Lord. Through musical training, they can develop a disciplined life even at an early age.  Through appreciation of music, they learn to hear the voice of the Lord speaking to them in song.  And through musical expression, they can serve the Lord and minister to others. 

We desire to keep the cause of Christ and His presence as the focal point in our local church.  We pray that these precious children will see God’s power at work in their church, and that they will seek Him throughout all of their future lives and ministries.  Even in a dark day in the world around us, we believe  that our young people can choose to follow the Lord and never turn back.
We trust that this CD, our first CD to feature a choir with no adults, will encourage a generation of young people to seek God early in life and realize that He is their God!
Enjoy this video from the recording process and listen to samples below


1. The Light of the World
2. Bread of Heaven (Break Thou the Bread of Life/Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah)
3. Return to the Lord (Return, O Wanderer/I Am Coming Lord)
4. His Eye is On the Sparrow
5. Rivers of Living Water
6. Abiding in the Vine
7. Fill My Cup, Lord
8. I'm Not Ashamed
9. Jesus Loves Me *With the Baptist College of Ministry Chorale and Children of FBC (ages 3-13)
10. All Your Anxiety
11. Jesus, I Come
12. Psalm 150 (Psalm 150, Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty) *With the Baptist College of Ministry Chorale

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